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Artist: Ben Taylor Band
Song Title: I Am The Sun
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Calling out your name as loud as I can without sounding bad
You've been within sight and looking out
So if you could hear me from where you've been standing
You'd have heard me by now

I am the sun
That's all I've ever been since I begun
All I'll ever be until I'm done
I wouldn't ever want to hurt no one
But there's nothing I can do about

Waking up the sky while your trying to lie
In your beds and get some sleep
And I'm making up my mind to shine instead
Of letting the evening keep

I am the sun
That's all I've ever been since I begun
All I'll ever be until I'm done
I wouldn't ever want to burn no one

Even though I chase the darkness everyday
Shadows only ever seem to run away
Try as I may
All I make is light

Getting in your eyes while you driving around
Looking right at my face
And I shed a little light on those little white lies
That you seem to like to say

I am the sun
That's all I've ever been since I begun
All I'll ever be until I'm done

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