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Artist: Bernadette Larson
Song Title: The Breakdown
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There ain't enough boys in the world to go around

You gotta be wicked and trickey

to bring that big boy down

There ain't enough time to talk to everyone

you gotta be distant and bitchy

If you ever wanna get it all done

Do I wish that things were different

I'm wishin' away

I won't point fingers but the thing is

That it always seems to break down this way


The Rolling Stones and I disagree

That you can't always get what you want

And I find it alittle hard to believe

That there ain't enough love to go around

That's how it breaks on down

There ain't enough to quench my curiousity

You gotta hit the bulls-eye and let the shit fly

And still there ain't no guarantee

There ain't enough love in the world for everyheart

some are gonna be broken and shattered

While they're tryin' to make a brand new start

Do I wish that things were different

I'm wishing away

I won't point fingers but the thing is

That it always break down this way



AS long as my landlord's lying

AS long as my neighbors spying

AS long as I feel rejected and a little bit disconnected

I need to be unaffected

I need to be able today


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