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Artist: Berry Chuck
Berry Chuck Author
Song Title: California
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California, California
Much has been told me about your beautiful sunshine
Mountains and snow tops, valleys and rich crops
California, home so far from mine

San Francisco, Sacramento
Will I ever go to Los Angeles or San Diego ?
To Reading or Fresno
Needles or Borstow, California I have so far to go

Someday I will be in California
And go to places movie stars have been
Hollywood and trolley cars and oranges
And see the palm trees bending in the wind

California, California
Soon I'll be with you watching your sunset in the evening
Movies and show plays, beaches and free ways
California, from my home I'll be leaving

California, California
Soon I'll be with you watching your sunset in the evening
Movies and show plays, beaches and free ways
California, for my home I'm leaving

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