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Artist: Brandt Paul
Brandt Paul Author
Album: This Time Around (2004)
Brandt Paul - This Time Around Album
Song Title: King
Genre: Rock
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The other day

I got in a fight

It involved me and my foot in my mouth

And my wife

Then I got to thinking

Wouldn't it be grand

If with every word I said

My wish was the world's command

I'd be the king

I'd be the top

I'd give myself a raise

Throw my own parade

Number one, the chief, the boss

I'd be the king

No honey-do list

I'd rule

Whatever I say is the way that it goes

That'd be cool

And I'd go fishing

Or maybe watch sports on TV

And folks would carry me around

And I'd get to wear a crown

And I'd never spend a day on my feet

Chorus-solo-rpt chorus

I'd be living large

I'd be in charge

The whole world would bow to me, I'd be the king

It happened again

I got in a fight

In involved me and my foot in my mouth

And my wife

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