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Artist: Buju Banton
Buju Banton Author
Album: Inna Heights (1997)
Buju Banton - Inna Heights Album
Song Title: Close One Yesterday
Genre: Reggae
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one more day in the struggle
have to get up and juggle
yu done know
want a little sugar inna de pan
me nah see fi trouble no man

oh oh oh .....

saidI had close one yesterday
jah put an angel over me, be strong
hold a firm meditation
one day things must get better
dont you go down
keep your head above the water
say, one day things must get better, be strong

Repeat Chorus
Verse 1
the rich is wise in his conceit
but the fool with overstanding search him out
poor man mourn the rich riches increase
be not grieved riches are not forever
envy not the opressor choses none of his ways
be not wise in his own eyes
only jah you must praise
strive not with a man without cause
if he have done no harm
let by gone be by gone

Repeat Chorus
Verse 2
this nine to five is a joke
compare to the pressure
the minister say
the economy is getting better
misleading the people
the mass still suffer on jah
scarce benefit and spoils
jah know that we feel it

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