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Artist: Buju Banton
Buju Banton Author
Album: Inna Heights (1997)
Buju Banton - Inna Heights Album
Song Title: Give I Strength
Genre: Reggae
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Lord give I strength
never let I fail
to live out the greater part of my days
give I strength
Jah give I strength
never let I fail
to live out the greater part of my days
give I strength

Verse 1
indeed I see pestilence and plague
but Im not afraid
they are looking for what they can take
come in all size appear in all shape
lord give us vision to differentiate
yeah they lay wait, we shall escape
god who protect is greater than great
in all that we do he holds our faite

Verse 2
teach the youths them right in the way they should grow
joy is a stream constantly flow
and I dont want to be unhappy
let me live till Im gray
I work hard to get pay
keep out of tale bearers and back-biters way
never let this bit of education decay no way


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