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Artist: Buju Banton
Buju Banton Author
Album: Inna Heights (1997)
Buju Banton - Inna Heights Album
Song Title: Love Sponge
Genre: Reggae
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Got to let this woman know its real
Exactly how the rudebwoy feel
Oh baby, Oh lady (a big bad rhythm)

This one is called lovers choice
Never know yuh woulda really feel so nice, (love sponge)
I dont wanna let you go
With you im in no hurry (oh no)


Verse 1:
Lord you are lovable, kissable
Desire the inevitable
Without your sweet caress im so damn miserable
Touch your finesse, feel the fur of your coat
Seen you walk away saying my eyes in smoke
You are dressible, lookable
All the man dem after yuh
They claim you do something they just cant explain
To the brain
Your man shouldnt have no complain
Oh no


Verse 2:
Hey slowmotion is the way for us to enjoy the day
Always taking time to listen what she got to say
She thinks I be spending too much time on the beat
I try to make her overstand thats how we eat
Darling don't quarrel with me, It hurts too easily
Dont be messed up by silly tendency
No no way


Verse 3:
She mek a caan forget about the huging and squeezing
Ah feel as if im upside down in the ceiling
Confess, this girl is the ultimate thing
What it means to be loved, no need asking
Swing baby swing, while I continue sing
Your favrite song
Let's go dancing
Hey, chuh


Repeat from top

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