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Artist: C Murder
Song Title: Ghetto Millionaire
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Featuring Kurupt Nate Dogg Snoop Dogg]
[Nate Dogg/(C Murder)]
Ghetto ghetto
(Ghetto millionaire) x6
[C Murder]
Whassup ya'll.
C Murder Bossalinie of the rap industry.
With my niggas Snoop Dogg Kurupt No Limit livin legend.
Ya'll muthafuckers know what I mean out there.
[C Murder]
I cop a Benz at the age of twenty one nigga
I fuck hoes and smoke weed for fun nigga
>From the streets to the muthafuckin record stores
And sell a million discs at blockbuster videos
Bitches formin lines at my concerts
Them thug niggas sell drugs off my inserts
A eight figure nigga gettin bigger
I wear No Limit gear nigga so fuck Tommy Hilfiger
And renegotaite my court case, fuck a plea
And call Cochrane there's a million on legal fees
Charge it to the game, that's what Silkk said
My name ringin like the muthafuckin flu spread
Give me a shot cause I'm sick wid it (sick wid it)
The tank on the back, the ghetto niggas gotta get it
I make money so fuck all them haters with the mean stares
I wanna be a ghetto millionaire
[Nate Dogg/C-Murder]
Chorus x2
Gangstad up, then you know I don't fuck
I got the blue khakies with the gangsta chucks
All at once was deservering me
Got the homies on east side serving me
Yeah we do what gangstas do, me make them gangsta figures
And I surround myself with only gangsta niggas
We be on the streets in the grey or blue on the smash
Dippin on the look off of crack
My homies got a couple birds locked up in the stash
Snitches spreadin through the hood like rash
Be like me and do with it off
And you could be a ghetto millionaire like me and my doggs
We don't take it away quesh
Especially fuckin around with a bitch
I'm me and I don't give a fuck
A ghetto millionaire and bitch I just don't care
Bitch I just don't care
[Nate Dogg/C-Murder]
Chorus x6
[Snoop Dogg]
Shot gun blasts are heard
When I rip, dip, flip, slip and swerve
Through the hood in the muthafucking drop top thangs
I'm bangin G Thang once again
My clip, my glock, I click it, I cock it
Got my heat in my pocket, I blast like a rocket
It's like a gang bang movie say up jump the boogie
While you moving from the side of my heat
I'm never too big to say hello in the ghetto
Niggas spit hot metal, keep your foot on the pedal
I'm from the east side of the LBC
Where the bitches quick to set a young nigga up baby
Never let a bitch play you
>From the streets to the sweets make that bitch pay you, and obey you
Who said the game was fair
Get your hustle on nigga and become the next ghetto millionaire
[Nate Dogg]
Ghetto, hustling all my life
Ghetto, droppin the fool my pay x10
Whassup nigga, huh, No Limit, cuz I'm in it.
Cuz I'm in it muthafucker, Third Ward.
C-Murder, Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, and Kurupt in this muthafucker.
DPG nigga, you know we still off the gangsta shit.
The tank, for the real niggas.
Straight from the projects.
Nigga you know what I mean when I say fuckin ghetto millionaire?
What nigga.
Just a nigga from the motherfuckin streets

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