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Artist: Cameo
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Song Title: Candy
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It's like candy
I can feel it when you walk
even when you talk it takes over me
you're so dandy
I wanna know
can you feel it too just like I do
this stuff is starting now
it's the same feeling
I always seem to get around you
there's no mistaking; I'm clearly taken
by the simple mere thought of you
this stuff is starting now
this stuff is starting now
this stuff is starting now
my eyes roll in my head
I toss and turn in my bed
in the morning when I think about you
(yes I do)
simply put, you're the reason why
even though I'm real shy
(real shy)
I attempt to look my best for you
(indeed I do, just for you)
cause you affect me, fascinate me
I thank heaven for the things that you do
it's like candy
you sure are sweet
you're so dandy
you're taking my appetite - but it's all right
it's like candy
(ooh, vanilla! chocolate!)
you look real nice, wrapped up tight
you're so dandy
you're giving me a heart attack
it's the kind I like
it's like candy, you're so dandy...
you're like a brand new feeling
in a special way
a surprise package
on a bright clear sunny day
strawberry! raspberry!
all those good thangs!
violets and gumdrops
that's what you're saying to me
(ad lib, etc

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