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Artist: Camoflauge
Song Title: Fuck Friends
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Saay there look here lil momma come here, what yo name is

[girl] I got a man!


you got a man

oh yo name you got a man

well look here I'm Camoflauge (oh yeah)

shit I - I ain't tryin to be your man I just wanna be your friend

[girl] oh really


Saay there lil momma what your name n shit

I'ma get strait to the point I ain't with no gangs n shit

I wanna be your friend, you gots a baby in the pen

Hit a nigga up, I'll come through on ya and slide in

Oh you gotta man, well thats cool I ain't tryin to be that

Fuck friends you never been wit me and you can be that

I ain't kissin and tellin like kelly baby we can keep it on the down low

You down for what I'm down fo, late night creepin

Yo nigga won't even suspect you cheatin

And if I see you on the streets I ain't lookin or speakin

But when we meetin we freakin and thats fo sho oh

And we can keep it on the low, ain't nobody gots to know

Tell yo nigga that your going out with ya homegirls

Cause tonight me and you gon get off in our own world

Get a suite, blow on a sweet, tear up the sheets

And if you want to we can do this shit again next week

[Chorus: repeat 4X]

Lets be fuck friends you and I la da da

on the low creepin cheatin (la ra ra ra ra da)

can we play tonight (i wanna know)


Miss hot lil momma whats happenin

Ain't you camo- yeah I be rappin

How bout you forget all that yappin

and put your number on the napkin

and let me call you

Ecstasy swisher sweet alcohol ya

and if the head right, the pussy tight

baby I'll sprawl you

[girl] oh I gotta man


thats cool I see his name tattooed on your titty

here go my beeper number just hit me

and we can roll out, get drove out, get a mo-out

204 real low, nobody gotta know

Park your Honda in WalMart parking lot in front of the store

Jump in wit me hit the highway to the room we go

Oh no I need to get a box of rubbers

so I can get the throat then jump in the covers

Shower up and drop you off so you can get wit yo lover

Call me up later baby girl when your ready to fuck a-gain

Hit the weed smash off in the wind

Hey lil momma lets play



Baby girl can we kick it, I'm sorry if I'm too explicit

Visions of you with out no clothes on got me dizzy

I like yo size, the look in yo eyes

that thing between yo thighs, can I push inside?

Do you wanna roll wit me, hit a optimo wit me

Freak from the bed to the floor wit me

but no hickies, fuck yo man you wit a player tonight

we gon pop a couple of bottles just to make shit right

and after that I'ma try to break ya back, hit ya from the back

Make you feel it in your stomach ask you how you love that

Me and you ducked off,gettin our nuts off

Cut off your cellular phone girl lets get lost

[Chorus] - repeat 8X


la ra ra la ra ra ra ra da

la ra ra la ra ra ra ra da

la ra ra la ra ra ra ra da

la ra ra la ra ra ra ra da

da ra la ra ra ra ra da

da ra la ra ra ra ra da

la ra ra la ra ra la ra rala ra ra ra ra ra ra da

fuck friend (uh uh yeah) fuck friends

fuck friendsfuck friends

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