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Artist: Camoflauge
Song Title: Shitty Baby
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Strictly for da streets (sniff sniff) take one


Camoflauge tha don...Suncut productions Pure Pain Nigga

I puts it down


I puts it down like a shitty baby

droppin bars like broads drop draws

fo niggas drivin my sadies

I puts it down like a shitty baby

droppin bars like broads drop draws

fo niggas drivin my sadies

I puts it down like a shitty baby

droppin bars like broads drop draws

fo niggas drivin my sadies

I puts it down like a shitty baby

droppin bars like broads drop draws

fo niggas drivin my sadies


I drop more shit than yo ass

good, quick, fast

I used to skip class to get grass

Puff Puff Pass

But now I sit back wit my pen and my pad

Den write these verses

Killin MC's Softly

Look at all these hearses

The dope it take to surface the face of the earth is Crack

Rocks hit yo block and put smokers all on they back

Soft for just a second as I continue to act

Us don't give a fuck cuz them otha niggas they wack

But they got a deal plus it's major so now they play them

Songs in heavy rotation even though we make them

Hits from the streets, Projects, Ghettos and gutters

And them thong wearin broads in the club shakin they buttux

Me, I'm slangin tapes like them hookers slangin they cut up

And just like the freak bitches i'm makin these niggas nut up

So What up (What up, What up)

And just like Trick Daddy say Uh Huh, Okay, Bitch Shut UP!


From the Jail House to the Crack House niggas Steal my shit

Put an alarm on my lyrics just in case my niggas try to steal my shit

I Spit like text, Good like sex, Pop my Tape in yo deck and u'll be high

like your on EX

Floatin' and shit, cuz I be spittin that potenent shit

Got em' coughin and chokin and shit watch how u talkin and shit

Grill gold teeted out

Eyes all reded out

Head all dreaded out

Kick shit like Jet-Li and Jackie Chan

I fuck over MC's Like they pussy and im dingalang

When I spit these flows i'm out of control

Like a kindergardener diggin in his nose

And wipin the bugers off on yo close

I'm camoflauge man these niggas can't see me

Unless i'm at the mall walkin round drop the top down doin a show on TV

All he talks about is drugs, sex, and violence the black Slim Shady

Don't hate me cuz I put it down like a shitty baby

Ya Smell Dat?


Look I took my pen and pad

Rolled up every sheet I had

Bust up every gaurd in the car

Rolled up all the weed I had

Lit it, hit it, rolled it remembered it spit it

They mixed it mastered it manufactured Shifted

Promoted, the stores sold it, niggas robbed it and stole it

Hurry up dog pull it off yo tape deck it's too hot to hold it

They got drunk and weeded, ridin' round town in they trunks they beat it

They woofers WHAM WHAM, and they tweeters , Leada Leada

The way a fuck over the track it's like i miss treat it

Help writin a hit's like help fuckin a bitch I Don't Need it.

I'm cool, no ice, das all gravy, No rice

Mr. Rogers wanted me to move in his neighborhood cuz my flows is so nice

Humptey dumptey sat on a wall Peter Piper picked a pepper

Yeah I sat on the curb wit a bag of herb and picked up a bad habit of gettin cheddar

Black beretta Tucked up under my Coogi Sweater

Man I ain't met a nigga yet dat flow betta

Nigga I puts it down



Ya smell dat

I puts it down like a shitty baby

Ya'l smell dat

Dat real shit

Camoflauge the dog

Stictly for da streets

Nigga i puts it down like a shitty baby

Dat funky shit

Dat muthafuckin real shit, uncut shit, dat 912 shit

Nigga ya smell dat

Savannah Georgia nigga

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