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Artist: Camp Kill Yourself
Song Title: Brans Chinese Freestyle
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Who like my chopsticks?
Hit you in the shit wit my little ass dick.
If you wanna see me eat jello.
I never seen nothin like you before.
I can kick you.
Higher than you can kick me.
I can kick you way up into a tree.
Who wants a taste of my oolong tea?
ho ha ha ho ha hoo chi chi
Everybody in the phone book named chang.
Wanna see my wang?
Good, go hit the gong with a bang.
Everybody wanna see me throw a fireball,
but thats not right.
Not in real life.
You will fall
down and break your leg.
Everybody wanna see me break a leg
Well I dont!
But I like fried rice,
and I got lice.
ching chow woo ching wang woo wice
That aint nice!
For a fortune cookie I always charge you twice.
Delivery is free, but not from me!
I always charge a dollar fifty.
Fifty five.
Wanna see me go "gah!"?
Hit you wit the light.
Whoa! When I hit you with the shit,
do a split,
take a shit,
after you eat my shit.
Kung fu.
Want my buffet?
You fucking gay!
ow, I'll go hit you wit the hay
Stay tha fuck away!
Hit you in the balls.
Only americans eat duck sauce!
And my soy sauce is for you.
I can put it in your shoe.
Watch this, I can tiptoe while you take a piss.
In my bathroom, spy on you, while your little boy shits.
I can kick you if you don't pay the bill.
And if you want a little mint, thats fifty cent!
Everything costs a little bit!
So dont expect nothin for free!
At least from me.
Ching chang chew-ey.
I got you, from taiwan city and hong kong.
I could smoke a bong, and I could do it all night long.
And dont mistake me for a Viet Kong.
I can get you,
and tackle you, spank you.
Never see me when I get you and bag you.
Rope you up,
and put you in a bamboo cage, and make you feel all my rage.
Poke you wit a little stick till you page
Your buddies to come napalm me.
God damn-That shit burn!!
Blew away my whole city.
Ho Chi Min, shoot a load on your chin.
God damn!
As i said, going go to buy.
And if you wanna come on in,
you could walk into my world where the yellow shit begin.
ooy aw!
Can't be tamed!
I got a chance to control your brain and its called
Egg Foo Young, and Low Mein
So come on in baby and have it just the same.

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