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Artist: Camp Lo
Song Title: Soul Train
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All aboard, the crook gravy train
With the cannons and the swords (cannons and the swords?)
Yea, we on the pigeon hit show them what they dealing with
Couple chess moves and the Skin City blues quick

Bronx vision, motor demolition
Saturated savvy pins and every car collisions
New explosions wave at you with the frozen
Magazine melting on a mama pack the Jones in
Nude on the jukebox, cut her in the tube socks
While I marinate mars on the scotch rocks

You're my man
You better clap your hands to this hurricane fury
Bloodhound gangs pull it
Breath on them, they don't want to hustle with weak
Days in the oven, hot, make my mamas hot
Mix them with the goldie long green
Macking baby, pimping never
Crawl through the jungle with the blood on the feather
We cocking, soul rocking
Assassins in the '69 club Brooklyn

Palmetto, lemon lime limo
Henny on your lino
Plenty broads are bimbos
Crash the symbols, nine dot initials
Missiles never graze you just taze you and be down with you
Keep the moccacino, saffire silver shadow
Sexy sizzles leaping riddle wake up when it travels

People all over the world (Hop on the soul train line)
Hop on it (Clap) Clap your hands
Just clap your hands and clap your hands and get down

(Love) Love (Peace) Peace (Soul) Soul (Soul) Soul
People all over the world....clap your hands and get down

After hours, china clam chowder
Sniffing baby powder in my prowler white
I'm throwing flowers, mixing them with sour
Whiskey teriyaki getting sticky tonight


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