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Artist: Cans
Cans Author
Album: Beyond The Gates (2004)
Cans - Beyond The Gates Album
Song Title: Merciless
Genre: Metal: Power
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The night is calling, vicious creatures all around
Moonlight shadows moving fast, beware don't make a sound
I am falling, into a void and I don't know
What awaits me beyond the point where no one dares to go

What do I see when I gaze into the fire
This burning pain, please make it go away

Do you hear me
In my dreams I am possessed
Can you tell me
If God is merciless?

Hear the thunder, burn like fire in the rain
The witching hour, calling me screaming out my name

Nothing to lose, I am drowning in the river
All my fears are staring back at me

Do you hear me
In my dreams I am possessed
Can you tell me
If God is merciless?

Do you hear me
In my dreams I am possessed
Can you tell me
If God is merciless?

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