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Artist: Cantrell Jerry
Cantrell Jerry Author
Album: Degradation Trip (0)
Cantrell Jerry - Degradation Trip Album
Song Title: Gone
Genre: Metal: Alternative
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Written by Jerry Cantrell

All dreams have died along the way
I coughed up the price, I bought a cage
I've had a hell of a time since I went away
Don't know when I died or where to lay down

Gone, gone away
Yeah, gone, gone away

God knows I've tried, I'm dyed in pain
Strong yet simple drive, the freedom to say
I've had a hell of a time since I went away
Homing on traces of light, that distance fades

Repeat chorus

So they say with time we slowly heal
I caught a flash of your smile throught the fog of a dream
I'll have a hell of a time, I clearly see
I can't be by your side, I'll see you when I sleep

Now you're gone...gone away
Yeah you're gone...gone away

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