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Artist: Card Captor Sakura
Song Title: 24
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See what happened to the girl
'Round the midnight
When she lost a crystal shoe
I don't need no spell on me
Or bell to tell me
You better go, you better say good bye

Doesn't take that much for me
To feel alright now
And to knock, knock on your door
Maybe just a sip or two
Of good espresso
And my nails pained two times or more

* Too bad she gave it all away
When the magic's gone astray, hey hey
I'd never let it be
Whatever may come to me
When it turns to be twenty-four

Running up and down the stairs
As she used to
I've been searching for your face
In a pair of platform boots
I may stumble
Oh what a pain, or what a shame on me

Too bad if I'm not fancy enough
But I'm so happy just for being so tough
I'd never hide away
Whatever may come my way
When it turns to be twenty-four

* repeat

When it turns to be twenty-four

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