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Artist: Carey Tony
Carey Tony Author
Album: Bedtime Story (1987)
Carey Tony - Bedtime Story Album
Song Title: Burning Bridges
Genre: Rock
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All alone in a big bad world
don?t make no sense any more
telephones and working girls
and jokers lying on the floor

Give me half an hour
give me one time a day
just can?t seem to catch my breath
give me blues power give me yippee-yi-yay
just get me out of this mess

I?m burning bridges
little girl we?ve got to move
burning bridges
I got nothin?left to lose
just open your eyes
open the door
I don?t want to run any more

Every day and every way
one more fool goes down
but I don?t care
I don?t want to play
I don?t want to be around

I?m burning bridges
meet me down at the same old place
burning bridges
I see questions in your eyes
open the door
I don?t want to run any more

I don?t want to be the one
to lie broken on the street
I gotta do it if I want it done
got to get up on my feet - hey!
I?m burning bridges

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