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Artist: Carl Thomas
Carl Thomas Author
Album: Lets Talk About It (2004)
Carl Thomas - Lets Talk About It Album
Song Title: A Promise
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(1st verse)

More kisses babe, more hugs/

And I'm showing you more love/

And I'm sensitive to your fears/

Hope I'm answering your prayers/


Oh Lord, guess I'm yours if you're sure/

And Lord, what else is there to ask for?

(Chorus 2X)

There's a promise on this mountain that I'm climbing just for you/

It's just something that people share/

Can't you feel love is in the air?


(2nd verse)

More sacrifice, more truth/

I'll be more open with you/

And I promise girl, there's no way no one could ever take my faith


(Chorus 4X)

I've grown with you/

Not a moment too soon/

Cuz I'm waking up, reaching out, for a love brand new


(Chorus 2X)

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