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Artist: Carlisle Belinda
Carlisle Belinda Author
Album: Heaven On Earth (1987)
Carlisle Belinda - Heaven On Earth Album
Song Title: We Can Change
Genre: Rock: Pop-Rock
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In my head I hear a haunting melody
It reminds me of the way things used to be
There was a time when we had everything
We gotta stop living in that dream

No nothing remains the same
We can't hold on but baby, baby
We can change

Oh - we can change anything we want to yeah
Oh - we can change the world
And make it better
But first we gotta change together now
Oh baby baby we can change

There's a message in the falling rain outside
There's a message in the tears falling from your eyes
I swear we don't have to hurt anymore
Throw the old ways out and close the door

No, nothing remains the same
We can't hold on but baby, baby
We can change

Baby, when you're trapped something snaps
And you start to die
Living all those years with our fears and
You wonder why

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