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Artist: Charles Ray
Charles Ray Author
Song Title: My Bonnie
Genre: Blues
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My bonnie lies over the ocean,
My bonnie lies over the sea,
My bonnie lies over the ocean, well, yeah
Why don't you bring
(bring her back)
Whoa, bring her
(bring her back)
Whoa, bring her
(bring her back)
Bring her
(bring her back)
You oughta bring back
Bring my bonnie back to me.
(my bonnie back to me)

I said bring back,
(bring back)
bring her back, right now
(bring back)
Come on, and bring back
Bring my Bonnie back to me
(whoa) whoa (whoa) whoa (whoa) Whoa!
(bring back)
Bring her back please, now
(bring back)
Well, bring back
Bring my Bonnie back to me
(my bonnie back to me)

(David Fathead Newman sax solo)

Last night as I lay on my pillow,
Last night as I lay on my bed,
Last night as I lay on my pillow, well, let me tell you now
You know I dreamed
(yes I did)
Well I dreamed
(yes I did)
Whoa I dreamed now
(yes I did)
Whoa-oh I dreamed
(yes I did)
You know I dreamed that
Dreamed my little bonnie was dead.
(my little bonnie was dead)

I said bring
(bring back)
Oh-oh, sing it children
(bring back)
Well, bring back
Bring my Bonnie back to me
(whoa) whoa (whoa) whoa (whoa) Whoa!
(bring back)
Whoa-oh, bring it back
(bring back)
Please, bring her back right now
Bring back
Bring my Bonnie back to me
(my bonnie back to me)

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