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Artist: Child Jane
Song Title: Biology
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Im attracted anatomically
Need to know you scientifically
Strange confusion has come over me
Need the fusion between you and me
Mother Natures legislature, Mother Nature takes her course
Gravitation of the nation, Gravitation to the source
Im distracted biologically
My attention dominating me
Im a victim of Divine design
Im a victim of a one-track mind
Gut reaction, satisfaction, Gut reactions never lie
Need I mention my intention, Do I need an alibi
It happens every time youre next to me, Biology
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh uh oh, BiologyIm defenseless, lacking all control
Its relentless, longing of my soul
I am driven, Im completely yours
Its a given, Ill be back for more
Its instinctive, so distinctive, and on that you may depend
Dont go mess with Mother Nature, shell defeat you in the end
It happens every time youre next to me, Biology
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh uh oh, Biology
Need I mention my intention, Are you willing to supply
Gut reaction, Satisfaction, Gut reactions never lie
It happens every time youre next to me, Biology
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh uh oh, Biology

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