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Album: Pain To Kill (0)
Clark Terri - Pain To Kill Album
Artist: Clark Terri
Song Title: Almost Gone
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Caught between a rock and a heartache
In the middle of here and torn in two
Not sure which road that I'll take
On my way to over you

Maybe I'll get lost in the past
Maybe I'll get past the lost
Either way, with or without you
I'm takin' off

Now that my wheels are turnin'
I know I can get there on my own
Now that my fears are burnin'
I'm almost gone
Closer to where I'm headed
Finding my way won't take me long
I may not be there yet
But I'm almost gone

What if i get stuck in a memory
Even if it's right in front of me
And I'll know that's where I need to be


Almost gone
Almost gone

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