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Artist: Clay Walker
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Song Title: I Love It
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(philip douglas/james yeary/ron harbin)

Yeah here she comes
Two hours late
But that girl's always
Worth the wait
And i love it
She's got a tie-dyed shirt on
Wrong side out
But she makes left of center
Seem right somehow
And i love it
She's got a way
Of being nonchalant
Kind quirky
Everything i'm not

She's so unordinary
So unpredictable it's scary
I think i got more than
What i bragained for
But i keep coming back
For more of it
'cause i love it

She's got her two tattoos
One on her back
And i ain't saying
Where the other one's at
Ooh i love it
She don't own a dress
But she's a beauty queen
Taking glamour shots
In cut-off jeans
And i love it
But if there's one thing
That i love the most
It's how she does exactly
What i think she won't

She's so unordinary
So unpredictable it's scary
I think i got more than
What i bragained for
But i keep coming back
For more of it
'cause i love it

That girl's so unordinary
So unpredictable it's scary
I think i got more than
What i bragained for
But i keep coming back
For more of it
'cause i love it

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