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Artist: Crawl Australian
Song Title: Always The Way
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Your smile is so disarming
You better mind your own affair
Picking up the pieces of the life that shone in tatters
Your gonna come back if you dare

Ain't it always the way no no no
You get just one chance
Ain't it always the way no no no
Ain't it always the way

Better learn to mind you business
Watch out for your own
Sail your boat on placid bays
Better learn to keep the big train on the straight and narrow
Let the first mate cast away

Ain't it always the way no no no
You get just one chance
Ain't it always the way no no no
Ain't it always the way

And then along comes our day x2

Be a winner, a dead ringer for the truth
Will the circle be unbroke
Be a master of your destiny
This is not a joke

Ain't it always the way no no no
You get just one chance
Ain't it always the way
Ain't it always the way
Losers can play
Ain't it always the way

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