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Artist: Daisy Dee
Song Title: Angel
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I saw an angel flying over me (X2)
Yeah eah oh
I know for sure I'm going crazy
I saw what I saw
But no one believe me
I open my eyes
I see the light
Angel flying over me
Yeah eah
I saw an angel flying over me (X2)
Yeah eah oh

I'm not the one that going crazy
I saw an angel flying over me
Yeah eah Oh
I saw it flying ......... to the beat
Everybody say : "Daisy chill out !"

I saw what I saw
Oh Yeah, no doubt
Over here over there
I can see him everywhere
Don't understand what I have no fair
Open your eyes and see
There are many angels flying over me

A vision came
And it touched my.........
I couldn't believe I thought I was dreaming
I open my eyes
I realise
Angel's flying over me

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