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Artist: Daisy Dee
Song Title: I Got U
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Come on Yo let's rock !
There is nothing I wouldn't do for you baby
When I'm acting crazy
Or a little bit silly
L.U.V. I feel I'm really
Extra love Hu! No doubt
Lord I'm lucky cause this is true
Cause U got me and I got U

I got U
Baby baby can't you see I got U
You're the one for me, yeah
I got U
Baby baby can't you see I got U
You're the one for me, yeah

Come on Yo let's rock
Na na na na na na na
So so lucky ...........
Rain or storm, we gotta stay together
Hand in hand in any kind of weather
Well I say, I say from my heart
Nobody can tear us apart
Depend on me I got to depend on you
Cause U got me, I sure have U
You're the one for me, and no my baby doll
(My baby doll)
You're the one I love you trust me
You're the one for me and now my baby Yeah Yeah
U got me and I got U

Pinch me so I know I'm not dreaming
Play .......
Screamin' your name
Well it's just the same
Let's ............ everyday
Touch me, hold me, remind me
You are the one standing beside me
I'm so lucky that it is true
Cause U got me and I got U
I got U babe
Definately got U

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