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Artist: Daisy Tripping
Song Title: Cause Tomb Shop
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Its time to close up shop and turn the lights down

Start the show

Its time to pick your costume

Change the person you hate the most

Maybe you can be an astronaut

Maybe you can go to space

Maybe you can be the one that we scream about

Maybe you can go insane


Now you're standing there reflecting what you want to see

And your head is going back to toy and build your needs

Maybe you can be a monster, thats right, why aren't you

Sucks the world of all its hate

Maybe you can be a pigeon that flies around

And shits all over peoples' places


As you shed the skins of all the things that turn you on, I'm off

Take your time to build the pain that brought you cause tomb shop

Maybe you can be a reason to cry about

Maybe that would make you great

Maybe you can be a trophy that you won for



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