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Artist: Dalbello
Song Title: The Revenge Of Sleeping Beauty
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behind the veil, skin as pale as a virgin
fear valvet red, drapes the bed like a curtain

mix the elixir she drinks from her vial
give her the river that soothes her denial
--what have i got to do with it?--
--what have i got to do with it?--


far from the world that she's in
away from all she resents
if she forgives herself, depends
on Sleeping Beauty's Last Revenge.
how long has she been sleeping?
beauty's only skin-deep
if she forgives herself depends
on Sleeping Beauty's Last Revenge.

hanging my head on her bed, i am waiting
i stand on guard for her heart, yet she hates me

i steal the kiss right from her lips
stealing kisses from her lips
i steal them softly while she's sleeping
i feel the fault - all i can feel
i taste the salt - it tastes so real
oh, i can taste it when she's weeping
--what have i got to do with it?--
--what have i got to do with it?--


in every shadow there's a
deeper reason searching for a seam
in every nightmare there's
a darker meaning waiting for a dream
if i could take you from this
corner, if i could shake you from this spell
the cold would seem a little
warmer, heaven knows it must be hell
for you to stand in frozen
silence, while i dance over your grave
you never reached out through
the violets, ever asking to be saved
and if winter could meet
summer, could they tell each other apart?
what's life worth without a
little change of weather in your heart?

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