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Artist: Dale
Song Title: Ouch That Feels Good
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Lyrics by Dale, Music by Robert Brookins

Shoot me a shot of happy
Show me how it feels to make believe
You're in a euphoric state and I wanna be in it

Let me be the question that you need
Play me like a piano so sweet
I'll be your love next to life
GOD give me one more night, 'cause

Ouch that feels good
ouch (ouch) that feels good (ouch)

Speak my words before I think them
Make me the choice of your kingdom
Trace my face with your fingertips
Hold me till death, nourish my lips (MWOI)

Race me with your witted thoughts
Your charm and smile, pump my heart
Teach me your chromatic scales
Spare me the tears of a blue moon tale

Ouch, ouch, that feels good, I'm tellin' you
ouch (ouch) that feels good,
ouch that feels good (ouch)
Ouch (ouch) that feels good

[spoken on top of: "tellin you tellin' you, tellin' you it feels good"]

Like a cat in the night you ran across my bed
Filled my head with ummmmmm instead
I know you can and I might but don't tell me, show me
Night time falls too short to share my ideas
And that feels so good
It's impossible to react
When if you give, baby, you naturally get back
Drawing my conclusions and surviving on, ummmmm, illusions
The cat in the night, that ran across my bed
Filled my head
I know you can and I might, but don't tell me, show me
Night time falls too short

Ouch that feels good (ouch, ouch)
Ouch that feels good (good, good, ouch)
ouch, that feels good (good, tellin' you )
Ouch that feels good (good, good good, ouch ouch)

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