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Artist: Damage
Damage Author
Album: Since You've Been Gone (2000)
Damage - Since You
Song Title: Tears
Genre: Drum & Bass
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You're everything,
The joy you bring is bliss I swear
Your kiss, your kiss is all there is
Your kiss is all there is

Stay a while, like a newborn child
I'm ready to learn
Teach me to have faith
Surround me with love a place to feel safe
Your touch turned on the lights
I feel at home with you by my side
Do you cry like I cry

I?ve never felt this way before
Never cried happy tears for sure
Put your arms around me
Comfort me tell me you love me
I never knew my heart could soar
Wanna cry these tears some more
Lady through the good years
I know that we'll cry these happy tears

Still you manage to open the door
To the love I've in store
Your smile is the key to all I need
You?re locked in my heart no thought of leaving
I never knew men cried
Until you brought a tear to my eye (To my eye)
Look through the window
The future is in our tears


To be with you feels so natural
Like the blood that's running through my veins
It's such a thrill baby
And I?ve never felt this way before
As weak as your kiss is my life line
You make me shiver oh you sends me crazy
I?ve never felt this way
Until you made me cry tears, happy tears


You're everything,
The joy you bring is bliss I swear
Your kiss, your kiss is all there is
Your kiss is all there is

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