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Artist: Damien Jurado
Song Title: Medication
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It just so happens I have many conerns
My brother's down the road and my lover in town
They both need affection
And some kind of love

Well I'm the one who gives it at any given time
From two in the morning to six
Call me up and cry

My lover keeps it secret that we meet under covers
When asked by her man if we two are lovers
She says, "I hardly know him.
Besides, he's not my type."

Her man's a policeman with a keen sense of trouble
He's known just by danger
And all kinds of liars

Brother called this morning in a terrible panic
Spies in the closet, bugs in the attic
He screams bloody murder saying,
"We're all gonna die.

Death is upon me, I know 'cause he showed me
Pictures of graveyards and us underneath."

I'm losing my hearing from my brother screaming,
"They're coming to get me and
Someone call the police."

Two in the morning, the phone disconnected
Her man knows I'm calling, it's what I expected
A note on my backdoor saying, "Baby not tonight."

So I sit with my brother who is nursing a cut wrist
He's mumbling "Forgive me."
And "Don't let them take me away."

I can be a good boy and stay out of trouble
Jackie I love you and
Don't let them take your brother

Strapped to a table, go in electrodes
"Jackie come save me the doctors will kill me."
"No, they're here to help you
Straighten out your mind."

The TV is blaring with some preacher saying that
God is among us and he hears our cries

Lord, do me a favor
It's wrong but I ask you
Take my brother's life

'Cause he's sick of the suffering
The pills he's inhaling
The cross he is bearing
That is his trouble mind

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