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Artist: Damita Jo
Song Title: Calvary
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There's a place
I always see in my dreams
I recognize this place
It's Calvary
They don't notice that I'm here
No one stops to look or stare
As I look upon the hill
I see something so unreal
I see my Savior
Nailed to the cross
He did it all for me
Right here at Calvary

They pierced him in his side
Blood was pouring in his eyes
There was weeping at his feet
I fell and worshiped on my knees at Calvary
I see my Savior
Nailed to the cross
He did it all for me
Right here at Calvary

He didn't have to die
Could have called angels to his side
To carry him away
But he decided to stay at Calvary

Thank you for Calvary

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