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Artist: Damn Yankees
Damn Yankees Author
Album: Don't Tread (1992)
Damn Yankees - Don
Song Title: Firefly
Genre: Musical
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Written by Tommy Shaw, Jack Blades, Ted Nugent

Haven't I seen your face before

You greased the handles on my door

Took me for a ride

Down lover's highway

Uh huh, oh yeah

Let's shake it up

Next time you're going my way

I don't want you comin' down

Spread your lightning all around

Yeah that's right baby

Let your firefly

Let your firefly

Well pretty faces turn to stone

Pack their bags and head for home

When I dress you in that little next to nothing

Uh huh

I don't think I need you now

Or what

You got to let me know

How far you want to go

Is it yes or no

Unless unless you let me know we never ever ever

Ever gonna get started

Some people never learn

That you just might get burned

Now you just say the word

Come on say it say it to me to me come on

Now say it to me

Once you get started it's hard to get off the road that you're on

Let your firefly

Let your firefly

Let your firefly

Let your firefly

Let your firefly

Let your firefly

Let your firefly

Let your firefly

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