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Artist: Damned
Song Title: New Rose
Genre: Alternative
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Is she really going out with him?


I gat a feelin' inside of me

It's kinda strange like a stormy sea

I don' know why,i don't know why

I guess these things have gotta be


I gotta new rose ,i got her good

Guess i knew that i always would

I can't stop,to mess around

I gotta brand new rose in town

See the sun,see the sun it shines

Don't get too close or it'll burn your eyes

Don't you run away that way

You can come back another day

(repeat chorus)

I never thought this could happen to me

I been so strange,so why should it be

I don't deserve...somebody this great

I'd better go , or it'll be too late,yeah


(repeat 1st verse)

(repeat chorus)

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