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Artist: Damu Ridas II
Song Title: 104 No Kut
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Oh yeah nigga
We back in this muthafucka
For the [backward word] nigga with the shit nigga (West Side)
West Side nigga, you know I'm sayin'
(... muthafuckin' cut man)
Lil' Hawk Red Riding Hood, nigga
You know I'm sayin'? On the solo-bolo tip, bitch
Yeah nigga, a 104% No Kut nigga (that's right)
You know I'm sayin'
Busta-ass niggas you know I'm sayin'
Couldn't even look out for the homies and shit, you know I'm sayin'
Coward-ass niggas you know I'm sayin'
(Real BLOODS!)
Bitch-ass niggas you know I'm sayin'
Still tryin' to pay the roll you know I'm sayin'
Like they ?? G you know I'm sayin' (bustas)
Don't wanna get the homies their props though but uhm...
I'm 'bout to give it up for my niggas though, you know what I'm sayin'
It's Damu For Life, nigga (West Side - Inglewood)
It's the Hood for life nigga, you know what I'm sayin'
Inglewood For Life, nigga
We don't give a fuck nigga
104% No-Muthafuckin'-Kut bitch
Drop the beat nigga!

A 104% No Kut
(Muthafuckas out there can't fade me...)

A hundred and four percent no kut on this muthafuckin' flow
Non-stop freestyle just to let you niggas know that
I don't need no fuckin' pen and paper
Keep it one in the chamber, Lil' Hawk Y-G Gangsta
Ain't no muthafuckin' joke so you best to recognize
You can't fuck with this, it's the O.G. West Side
The best side, now let me get my slip and slide on
WOOP WOOP in the Coup, ??? get my glide on
Ride on up this... um... biggety block
I got my hand on my giggety Glock and watch me piggety pop
You get smile - if you want to scra

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