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Album: Moontower (1999)
Dan Swano - Moontower Album
Artist: Dan Swano
Song Title: Add Reality
Genre: Metal
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Time is ever-changing I will never have It back
Sometimes I had wondered if the best was yet to come
I can't deny it there are moments I regret
So much I'd do different if I could do it all again
I lost the world and I didn't find it until you found me
Gone but it came back in the wake of your smile
Now I am stronger growing the soul of a man
And I know my heart will never be alone again
I've got a life and nothing win make it go away
I guess we glorified the world around us as we went along the way
One day reality was all there ever was
I ate and drank your beauty and breathed the air you had breathed
Then came the autumn and the winter like before
Dreamland turned to realland and we faced a new frontier
We lost the world
Sometimes we hold it but it's slipping) away
When we add reality it doesn't taste like our dream
Then there's too much sour loo much salt in our world
There's too many cooks to decide what two lovers shall eat
We're not alone
I know you know what I mean with these words now don't you
We're siamese children related by heart*
And nothing can tear us apart
When we share the silence she knows what I'm saying
Words though unspoken are changing heart
Two-thousand days have now passed since
I met you and of so many only (four-houndred alone
Then we were joined by a fusion of my eyes and the face of an angel
It reminds me of her
With you around all the day are worth living and when we add reality now we're
still standing strong

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