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Artist: Dance Hall Crashers
Dance Hall Crashers Author
Album: Purr (1999)
Dance Hall Crashers - Purr Album
Song Title: Cricket
Genre: Ska
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I never thought about it before
Just close your eyes and ignore
The dark that troubles you most
Don't let it be here...
And if you see it again
Hold your breath and pretend
That you're already dead
You'll never be alone

I will always hold your hand
I'll never let you fall,
'cause nothing
Nothing else matters at all......
If you're scared just think of me
'cause you know I'll never let you be...
Anywhere.. but with me.

Forget the story you heard,
Why are you worried about the dirt.
I don't think that you'll mind
When it's your time.
Cause I will be there with you
And we'll figure out what to do
So that you don't get bored.
You'll never be alone;.

I will always hold your hand
I'll never let you fall,
'cause nothing,
Nothing else matters at all...
If your scared just think of me
'cause you know I'll never let you be.
Anywhere... but with me.

So try to sleep with a smile
I promise I'll wait awhile
to make sure that you've moved on
You won't be lost

I will always hold your hand
I'll never let you fall,
cause nothing,
nothing else matters at all....
If your scared just htink of me
cause you know i'll never let you be.
Anywhere... but with me

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