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Song Title: Old Grey
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Sometimes i think that my life has just begun
And someday I'll have my day in the sun
But the best days of my life have past
And they went by so very fast
It scares me to think just where my life has gone
And that I may never see tomorrow's dawn

I remember sitting on the swing
I was nearly seven years old
Contemplating, planning out my dreams
Which of course woudl later be sold
I would be happiness and grace
Then wake on this track of life and find that I am losing the race

I find myself looking forward into time
Do as they say and you will be fine
Don't try to argue and don't try to complain
Hide your anger and your pain
It scares me to think just where my life has gone
And that I may never see tomorrow's dawn

I remember when I used to be so young and so carefree
Now my life is filled with problems and responsibilites
Getting home by four to watch richie rich and scooby-doo
Was all that ever worried me, it was all I had to do
Looking at the older kids, always thought they were so great
Saw them hanging out at parties, always got to stay out late
By the time I reached that age the novelty had all but faded
Now that we are old and grey we've become annoyed and jaded

Thinking back to the time when I was young
I thought it would be so fun to grow up
And do anything I want
It didn't turn out the way that I thought
It would be happiness and grace
Then wake up on theis track of life to find that I am losing the race

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