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Artist: Daniel Johnston
Daniel Johnston Author
Album: Fun (1994)
Daniel Johnston - Fun Album
Song Title: Silly Love
Genre: Rock
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I've come this far and I now I can make it
I've got a broken heart and you can't break a broken heart
I come knocking at your door
You don't love me anymore
But I just can't give up
'Cause I don't know what to do about it

You must be wrong if you think you don't love me
You could smile down on and put an happy ending to my
I come knocking at your door
You don't live there anymore
Is it just a memory
Or am I a little crazy for you

If there's no love I just can't believe it
I've got a broken mind and only you can relieve it
I don't remember who you are
Are you someone that I saw
'Cause I really am confused
But I think that I still love you

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