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Artist: Dark
Dark Author
Album: Seduction (1998)
Dark - Seduction Album
Song Title: Bloodred Sunrise
Genre: Metal: Gothic
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Can't you see the world's last sunrise
Can't you see the tears in my eyes
Can't you see the bloodred sunrise
Can't you see the tears in my eyes
If life is a dream be afraid to wake up
You would wish to sleep again
Shameful destruction of natural beauty
Senseless exploitation - reasons for dying
What will you breathe
When all trees are dead
Where will you go
When our world is black
Clear the wounds,
The earth is suffering from
Even when you can't renew
What you once destroyed
So tear out this poisoned thorn
And ease the pain you caused
Stop to torture the nature
Oh can't you see the bloodred sunrise
Oh can't you see the fear in my eyes
I cannot understand
What you've done to the world
I cannot understand
Why you've done this to our world
If you don't change your point of view
Judgement day will be
Just a question of time

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