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Artist: Dark
Dark Author
Album: Endless Dreams Of Sadness (1996)
Dark - Endless Dreams Of Sadness Album
Song Title: Dawn Of The Gods
Genre: Metal: Doom
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When the sky has turned to grey
like a neverending decay
frozen tears in your eyes
dawn of the gods

thandle with care they said
this will be our last arise
do you see the world's disguise
it looks like a grave of ice

Dawn of the gods
has begun right now
it's too late
to regret your mistakes

If you don't give a damn to gods advise
the flowers will fade to black
then you know for whom the bell tolls
and the shortest straw will be drawn
no mercy
no life
you'll suffer
'til death

Dawn of the gods
has begun right now
it's too late
to regret your mistakes

You've my master
I'm your creature
but you must obey
to what I say

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