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Artist: Dark Angel
Dark Angel Author
Album: Time Does Not Heal (1991)
Dark Angel - Time Does Not Heal Album
Song Title: Sensory Deprivation
Genre: Metal
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Potentially there's no safety
Inside these walls, I'm forced to be

Unprotected to cruelty
I'm not at my own mercy

The most important time in my life
Is governed by an unstable mind

On another I depend
My own life I can't defend

Will I survive?
To see the day arrive
When I am cast forth
And endangered nevermore

Incarcerated and force-fed
Your disparity a constant threat

Are you qualified to reign?
Is my destruction pre-ordained?

I am not a parasite
Will I be punished by your spite?

I await my destiny
And possibly your enmity

Will I survive?
To see the day arrive
When I am cast forth
And endangered nevermore

Completely under your dominion
I'm not here of my own volition, no

Will I survive?
To see the day arrive
When I am cast forth
And endangered nevermore

I'm locked away, a nonentity
Sacrificed by antipathy

My pleas aren't heard
So I'm tortured

It's perilous in this domain
And I'm dead if I remain

I pray that you
Don't cause my doom...

Will I survive?
To see the day arrive
When I am cast forth
And endangered nevermore

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