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Artist: Dark Angel
Dark Angel Author
Album: Time Does Not Heal (1991)
Dark Angel - Time Does Not Heal Album
Song Title: The New Priesthood
Genre: Metal
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History's shown you that answers can't be found above.
Life's great questions are tackled only by us.
Knowledge of mysteries that puzzle your learned men of the cloth.
We've explanations that men of God can't fathom.

Searching for your destiny
In a book that's not reality.
We solve the the Earth's problems
Through our science and technology.

Look back one thousand years when science was in its infancy.
The church had the word, the world was forced to heed.
How many times they led astray, their flock was shown no mercy.
"It's God's will", not good enough, minds were closed ignorantly.

We are here to shed the light,
And your "Savior" is powerless to fight.
You must realize that your theology is wrong
And we are right.
Accept it for it's proven,
And the truth is for all to see.
Scientifically we'll answer any question there could be.

Obviously you don't see that we've become your deities.
Can't you see that we are your new priesthood?
Blinded by your piety and impotent divinity,
Recoginize that we are your new priesthood!

Religious dogma that's confused and shackled you.
Searching through the good book not knowing what's the truth.
You're only innocent, raised servile and unaware.
Unconversant to what is really out there.

Humanity must be erudite but not only from books should it gain insight.
Through practice of sound philosophy comes cognizance of Man's own plight.
This you won't find in your church or your faith,
Though science has always attempted to explicate.

Obviously you don't see that we've become your deities.
Can't you see that we are your new priesthood?
Blinded by your piety and impotent div

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