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Album: Of Decay And Desire (2003)
Dark At Dawn - Of Decay And Desire Album
Artist: Dark At Dawn
Song Title: Soulitude
Genre: Metal
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Mellifluous lily white
The gift that's yours my breath of life
Just like the night needs the daylight to survive
You are the strength of my mind
And gladden my heart
With an aura so mighty

All summer's beauty is gone

And leaves are falling of the trees
My thoughts are just 'bout this grievous memories
Wand'ring in light-hearted times
When you captured my soul
With an aura so mighty

Fears creeping - If your foe is as mighty as time is

This soulitude - Pain I can't deny
Eyes weeping - When you still can remember the first kiss
Hours passing by - Night blackens the sky

A dull black fills my mind

As deep red trickles melting snow
But if my kisses couldn't hold you, oh I know
My tears can not at all
My suff'ring and crying goes on
But it can not at all

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