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Artist: Dark Avenger
Song Title: Half Dead Eyes
Genre: Rock
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[Mario Linhares/Leonel Valdez]

Once I played with a tender and very young heart

Half dead eyes and a brown face I had never seem

O you really touched me...

Joking with fate and trying not to take it seriously

But your image in my mind

Was getting hard to set free

And now I see myself trapped inside a barless heart

A large smile always opened baby, to receive

O little child don't you see that now you rule me

I'm real insane a trashman threw at your feet

It's hard to find the right words to define you

O little baby what can I do to be beside you

How can I call your name if you hide and run away?

I don't know, I just say; my half dead eyes.

Now I wonder what is waiting for our young hearts

Will our fates expecting join our bodies,

minds and souls?

Tell me 'cos I don't know...

... and even though another one now shares my life

I can't avoid your eyes,

'cos now mine, baby, are so blind

To feel your breath, your heart,

gorgeous and so beauty lips

Smell your hair, your body;

Lick your sweat, eternally

Hold in my arms the object of my crazy desire

And put an end in my restless, boiling fire

It's hard to find the right words to define you

O little baby what can I do to be beside you

How can I call your name if you hide and run away?

I don't know, I just say; my half dead eyes.

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