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Artist: Dark Reality
Dark Reality Author
Album: Blossom Of Mourning (1995)
Dark Reality - Blossom Of Mourning Album
Song Title: Moping Carol
Genre: Folk
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Oh grief, oh pain, delivering me to hopelessness,
oh selfabsorbing perverse lust that turns me on this hell to bless
this rigid life of disincentive I've begun
provides the cage of frozen time that keeps my mind from going on
solum permaneo in velamene lapideo qiud ipse sustineo
No hands to clutch, no consolation
assistance all in vain for my soul lacks will to join salvation
depths of indolence, oh shelter my intellect
keep me from reflection that may urge a useless force to act
Got a brain with dancing shadows got a face with lightness eyes
when I'm searching for connexion with no hope to realise
Activity is useless for you've no chance to succeed
every strive for alteration is their mockery to feed

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