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Artist: Darkane
Darkane Author
Album: Expanding Senses (2002)
Darkane - Expanding Senses Album
Song Title: Submission
Genre: Metal: Thrash
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Push the boundaries of suffering
the mind is a bottomless pit of evil desires
designs of endless punishment
mental suffering intentionally inflicted
for the purpose of coercing
torture is the devastating instrument of power

Strain of cruelty
marked by this horrid experience
Strain of cruelty
Profound malevolence

Multidimensional suffering
Leaves no part of life untouched

Waiting for someone to fall, submission
waiting for someone to fall

Pain, the malignant tangible reminder
of the trauma suffered

Waiting for someone to fall, submission
waiting for someone to fall

[1st lead: ideberg - 2nd lead: malmstrom]

Recurrent nightmares creating chronic anxiety
Post traumatic stress disorder
The psychological result of this experiment
Break the spirit of dissident people
punish those who already are beaten down
Torture is the devastating instrument of power

Strain of cruelty
marked by this horrid experience
Strain of cruelty
Profound malevolence

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