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Artist: Daryll-Ann
Song Title: Birthmark
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She'll only be a minute
Just going through her hair
There's gonna be a wedding
Wish I could be there
But then again: why should I be alone

Her first man was a sadist
Who drank her tears like wine
Until she mixed his coffee
With something alkaline
She left him at the table
And slammed the door

My ancestors have let me down
I asked for fame in every town
All along they wear me out
Our ancestors

Only be a minute
Going through her hair
I watched another wedding
I watched until I cried
Over all the loved ones, men and wives

My ancestors have let me down
I asked for fame in every town
All along they wear me out
Our ancestors have let me down
I asked for fame in every town
All along they wear me out
My ancestors
Down, down, down

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