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Artist: Daryll-Ann
Song Title: Elegy
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All around the cradle, love
Feel the burning red lights
Fall my rain, the red wine
Underway to low, under knife for tone
What a fool to favor
Before I ever met you all the love caress you
Underway I was, it's so long ago
And I'm not going wait for you no more

More than love can never be
Before my hand is aching
Before my hands are shaking
And I know my call and I pray for all
More than life can never
Before my hands are moving
Tryin' to love the neighbour
And I won't deny and I pray for more
And I don't know where you're coming from
You fill my head, I'm only waitin' for the wall collapsing
And I smuther and I'm dreaming and no-one comes around
You hurt my head, I'm only screaming in the night, a maybe
You take me as a "I get over"-love
But no-one comes around

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