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Artist: Datsuns
Song Title: Blacken My Thumb
Genre: Alternative
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This is the last time I see your smile
And it feels like heaven, so divine
Of course you wonder, wonder why
So make it look good then decide

No tin cans tied back of car
Is that the way the story end completely?
Cause I sure ain?t happy girl
Just because we say bitter sweetly
We?re outta luck and outta time
Out of money, now I count in dimes
Of course you wonder, wonder why
So make it look good then decide

And I know
Ill make it look good
And force a smile

Cause theres a new way out you see
No sweet reunion, no sweet relief
Of course you wonder, wonder why
So make it look good then decide

And I know
Ill make it look good
And force a smile

I grind my teeth, bite my tongue
Look at what we?ve become its
Got me feeling so low
Got me feeling low

Ill make it look good
And force a smile

Oh you blacken my thumb

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